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Why is Indigo right for you?

Indigo’s coverage puts physicians at ease and in control of their practice. Backed by data and focused defense, our tech-forward approach means easy access to quoting and support.

Tailored pricing

We leverage artificial intelligence, examining thousands of real data points for pricing and coverage that is individualized for you and your practice.

Rigorous defense

Our defense team works diligently with leading counsel to ensure physicians are protected in their time of most need.

Financial strength

Indigo policies are written by a carrier with an AM Best A- (Excellent) rating, so the physicians we insure can count on Indigo to withstand the elements of the market for many years to come.

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What sets Indigo apart

  • Rigorous defense and competitive rates
  • Professional Liability insurance quotes fueled by technology
  • Streamlined insurance process
  • Indigo makes it easier for physicians to focus on their patients

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What is the difference between malpractice insurance and professional liability insurance?

Malpractice insurance is a specialized form of professional liability insurance tailored specifically for healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses. It covers liability for damages resulting from medical services that lead to patient harm. This includes issues like misdiagnosis, surgical errors, and medication mistakes.

Professional liability insurance, on the other hand, is broader and applies to a wide range of professionals outside the medical field, including lawyers, accountants, and consultants. It protects against claims of negligence, errors, or failure to deliver promised services across various industries.

In essence, malpractice insurance is designed for the unique risks faced by medical professionals, while professional liability insurance covers a broader spectrum of professional services.

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Does Indigo cover all medical specialties?

Yes, Indigo provides comprehensive medical malpractice insurance coverage for all medical specialties. We understand that each medical field has its unique risks and requirements, so our policies are designed to offer robust protection across the board. From general practitioners to surgeons with highly specialized practices, Indigo is committed to ensuring that every healthcare professional has the coverage they need to practice with peace of mind.

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How do I get an insurance quote from Indigo?

To obtain an insurance quote from Indigo, please contact your insurance broker. They are equipped with the expertise to guide you through the process, assess your specific needs, and provide you with a detailed quote from us. If you do not have an insurance broker, we can help connect you with a trusted professional from our network. Reach out to us directly for further assistance.

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Join us in defending the future of good medicine. At Indigo, we foster a supportive environment with competitive employee benefits. Take a look at our open roles and learn more about our benefits today.

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