Reporting a claim
to Indigo

We’re here to make things simple. Call us at 1-877-878-9711 to ask questions or get help with any part of the claims process. Submit all documents pertaining to your claim via email or fax:

How to report a claim

It’s important to submit written notice of a claim to the Indigo team as soon as possible. Reports must be emailed or faxed with supporting documentation to or 1-877-878-9712.

Step 1

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Review our reporting checklist.

This document will help to make sure you have the necessary claim documents and information at hand for a smooth and successful process.

Download our Reporting Checklist
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Step 2

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Submit written notice.

It’s critical that you send written notice to Indigo by email or fax as soon as possible, including:

  • Contact information for you and your practice manager

  • Claim documents

You may use our Claim and Incident Reporting templates to assist you.

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Step 3

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Allow our claims experts to get to work.

Our team examines and processes each claim as quickly as possible and will reach out to you by the next business day to discuss next steps. If you encounter any difficulty or you have questions about the process, we’re here to help you at 1-877-878-9711.

Don't yet have a claim?

Don’t yet have a claim but want complimentary advice or resources to help you reduce risk, address complaints, avoid patient safety concerns, and prevent regulatory issues or lawsuits? Get confidential support from OmniSure, our clinical risk services partner. OmniSure is a user-friendly nationwide consulting firm with a deep bench of highly experienced patient safety and risk management experts ready to serve you.

Find out how to get the help you need when you need it.

Tips for a smooth process


Always submit documentation about your claim to the designated email or fax: or 1-877-878-9712. Do NOT send documents by regular mail, and do NOT email documents to another Indigo email address.


For your protection and the integrity of the case, do not discuss your case, do not provide any form of payment, and do not indicate responsibility directly or indirectly to any person or party other than your Indigo-assigned defense counsel.


Submit any correspondence you receive about the claim (e.g., a threat of legal action, a demand for money, a request for interview or deposition) immediately to your Indigo team via email or fax.


Submit documents related to your claim, now and as the adjudication process progresses, via email or fax.

Featured FAQ

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What defense attorneys do you use?

We partner with highly experienced legal counsel based on the jurisdiction and context of each case. It is important to us that our insureds have a high comfort level with their selected defense counsel, so we welcome the input of the physicians and groups we insure.

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How are legal costs and other claims expenses handled?

All legal costs and claims expenses are paid outside of your limit of liability. This means the full limit of your policy remains available for your protection from a judgment or settlement.

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Will speaking with someone at OmniSure for risk advice cost me anything or be communicated to Indigo’s claims team?

No. OmniSure is an independent risk management consulting firm, paid for in advance by Indigo. Discussing events with OmniSure does not constitute reporting of an incident and will not meet the reporting requirements of your policy.

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