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What is medical professional liability insurance?

Medical professional liability insurance (also referred to as medical malpractice insurance) is a type of insurance that covers medical providers for allegations related to the services they render to patients, including claims of professional negligence.

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What defense attorneys do you use?

We partner with highly experienced and effective legal counsel based on the jurisdiction and context of each case. It is important to us that our insureds have a high comfort level with their selected defense counsel, so we welcome the input of the physicians and groups we insure.

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How are legal costs and other claims expenses handled?

All legal costs and claims expenses are paid outside of your limit of liability. This means the full limit of your policy remains available for your protection from a judgment or settlement.

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Do you offer free tail coverage?

Yes. In many common instances, tail coverage is free to the physicians we insure. We will waive the premium for an Extended Reporting Period Endorsement should any of the following events occur while the policyholder or insured physician is actively insured with us:

  • Death of the insured physician
  • The insured physician becomes permanently disabled and cannot continue the practice of medicine
  • The insured physician fully retires from the practice of medicine at any age and has been continuously insured for 2 full years preceding retirement
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Will the policy cover medical incidents that I report?


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Does the policy provide coverage for administrative actions such as medical board investigation?

Yes, the policy provides you with defense coverage for certain administrative actions.

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Does the policy include cyber liability coverage?

Cyber and Medefense coverage products are automatically included (with the ability to opt out) with your Indigo policy and underwritten by TMHCC.

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Do you cover all medical specialties?

Yes. We do provide coverage for all medical specialties. We do not currently insure dentists, podiatrists, or chiropractors.

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What payment plans do you offer?

We offer quarterly and annual payment plans via ACH to best address the needs of our customers.

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Is confidential risk advice available to help avoid patient complaints, allegations, or lawsuits?

Yes. OmniSure, our clinical risk services partner, has a confidential helpline for advice on how to handle situations such as patient termination, non-compliance, transitions of care, regulatory or patient safety concerns and more. Their services are complimentary and encouraged. Click HERE ( to learn more.

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Will speaking with someone at OmniSure for risk advice cost me anything or be communicated to Indigo’s claims team?

No. OmniSure is an independent risk management consulting firm, paid for in advance by Indigo. Discussing events with OmniSure does not constitute reporting of an incident and will not meet the reporting requirements of your policy.

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